Books for Alpha - week 1 
I was talking to people at the Alpha course recently about a few books relating to the authenticity and reliability of the Bible.

F.F.Bruce's "The New Testament Documents: Are they Reliable?" is an old book but well worth reading - find it online here

Frank Morrison was a lawyer who set out to examine the evidence for the resurrection and apply his lawyer's mind to it with the aim of proving that it could not have happened. He ended up being convinced that biblical account of the resurrection was true. His his story is here.

If you want to read the Bible online you can find it at There is also an app for iPhone and Android but you will need a data connection. You can also get Bible apps which download the text to your phone so you can read offline - one such is Olive Tree. Some older versions are available free (try the English Standard Version or the American Standard Version) or you can buy the New International Version and others.

Many, if not all, of the talks from the course are available to view on YouTube. If you have missed any talks you might like to catch up by watching them. Go to and search for something like 'Alpha talk week 2'. The week numbering is not consistent so try some other week numbers if you can't find what you want.

For a website dealing with many of the questions and issues we will encounter at Alpha take a look at

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